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Killing Floor 2: Five nights at rival Freddy’s 3 upcoming

Fnaf3 _ But coming from a MOD its debut Unreal Tournament 2005 with decent graphics and gameplay is not bad really stood out much.

But the game Killing Floor is currently is one of the co-op game titles most compelling horror, maybe comparable to many major game titles at the present time for developers to bring about a significant amount.

Until 2009, the real new game Killing Floor was released on Steam spacious, but it has proven its appeal when there are 2.5 million copies sold worldwide, helping an unknown Studios with 10 people to a large gamer community. Developer Tripwire has also realized a considerable potential from the game Killing Floor, they said made the next version of this shooting game a long time and until the present time, when the machine Console system Next-gen really common, this is the time when the game Killing Floor 2 “attack”.

Currently, Tripwire has not announced more information about this game. But according to some sources, the game Killing Floor 2 this time will select the scene in the city of Paris, where the monsters are occupied, still old mission, players will now also have to coordinate with teammates their own against aggressive monsters.

Tripwire is sure to bring a whole new combat system, smooth motion system with more than 3000 movements and excellent graphics. Tripwire will provide the earliest demo for gamers to gamers with the most common view of the title game this time.



Killing Floor is about a scientific organization called Horzine Biotech, held this science of genetics research project aimed at creating an outstanding evolution of man. However, they create terrible monsters, the bloodthirsty zombie spill out of the study area and attacked the major cities of England. Even the director Horzine Biotech also become a monster with superior intelligence. He had intended to dominate the world and turn all humans into monsters with thinking will bring dramatic evolution for the species.

Game Killing Floor 2 was finally released to gamers with many new enhancements. Advanced graphics, a new zombie range with exciting new multiplayer maps and challenges. Tripware also will give players many new weapons to focus on melee weapons, the kind of perk support system unique and completely new blood system.

“Killing Floor is a simple game,” creative director of developer Tripwire Interactive, Bill Munk said. “You have weapons. You see something that looks wrong. And you killed it. You get the money to do it and you buy better weapons. Everything is cleared and repeat. But the interesting thing is the loop is getting smaller, and that creates success for this game. “

Just heard gamers surely never play test also understand something about the gameplay and combat style of this product.

Far from the head premiere, this time the game Killing Floor 2 focuses more on visual, graphic and instincts differ from style, personality, habits to the strength of each type of enemy that gamers face.

Game has not yet announced the official release date, but represents developer has promised to release the following information in the future.

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