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FEAR- good competitor of Five nights at Freddy’s 3

fnaf – F.E.A.R. Online is a FPS horror game developed by Korean game company is expected Inplay Interactive Opening Closed Beta with the English version in the next 26/5 days.

Fans of horror shooter series famous will again experience the feeling of fear of the world game in the game FEAR latest FEAR Online. Developed by Aeria Games, and Warner Brothers Online Game FEAR combines these elements to the success of the series and put it on the mantle of online shooting game (MMOFPS). Online Game FEAR has officially appeared on Steam, and ends beta.

In the game, players will get to choose between three different game modes. With Scenario Mode, four players will join forces and fight in the game screen based on the plot of the game FEAR 2: Project Origin. In the Original Mode, gamers will be back with the other on traditional genres like Team Deathmatch and Demolition (bomb), similar to the shooters such as Counter Strike and Call of Duty. In addition, Soul King mode will be back, allowing gamers to “play” the enemy to attack its ally.

The main content of the game F.E.A.R. Online-based horror game FEAR series so gamers will not strange with some images of monsters and weapons in the game. But the online shooter should publishers have many custom-designed to suit players online. The sound, spooky elements causing fear with players still remain publisher.

Game storyline revolves around a high-tech corporation Armacham service for the purpose of developing the military technology and the nearby residential area, where once very peaceful with schools, hospitals. But the cases of missing children, strange sounds of strange creatures, mercenary units appear more slowly on the street. Until this place becomes a mess of the war between armed groups, monsters and bizarre phenomena. To regain control, the government has sent special forces here. Fairport been a nice place to live, but now there are only the battlefield of three forces, ATC-TF and monsters.



Starting the game, players will be attending a training match characterized horror game, mostly practice the basic skills of a shooter.
Taking the focus was horror game, so days from the login window Aeria Games (AG) had “threatened” players characterized by ghostly images.

Gamers need to kill the NPC to collect their souls. Besides killing the NPC, players can kill other players to derive 50% of their soul. Many souls who collect the most after the end of the match will win.

In addition, gamers will have to coordinate with the EPA Robot. The task of the player at the moment is keep alive his Robot EPA, EPA and destroy enemy robots.

Start the game, players will see the magnificent weapons not inferior any shooter with reasonable prices. Gamers will be able to buy from the usual guns until special M4A1 as laser guns in the shop, in-game cash. In addition, players can also collect secondary materials from mission to empower their weapons.
Online FEAR game has beautiful graphics, gameplay traditional and attractive, novel system with individual skills and horror elements with the phases of fire, dramatic storyline based on the famous game series FEAR, configuration requires not too high.

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