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Call of Mini Squad has created such groundbreaking Five nights at Freddy’s 3?

fnaf 3 – Unlike previously, Call of Mini Squad again brought to the breakthrough players and many new features.

Triniti Internative Studios – talented game developers coming from Shanghai, China recently launched its next product is the game Call of Mini Squad named on mobile devices. Through the Call of Mini Squad name, surely readers have guessed this is the next mobile game in the list of the game Call of Mini of the carrier.

Game Call of Mini Squad take gamers to a world being takeovers, the daily peace or a happy life, beautiful were ravaged by dangerous diseases. Everyone in the world are being turned into living corpses except for a group of people are still struggling to search for life and that is the players.

Join the game Call of Mini Squad, players will be a leader, the commander of a group of heroic. Despite building a successful sanctuaries but the obsession and desperation still clinging to the life of the party. These days without food or resources to give life like a clock that is counting down to death.

In the series Call of Mini, could say the look is the most impressive point for gamers. Likewise for the game Call of Mini Squad, involved in the game, players will get a foothold in the world with the character animation is designed in the style “dwarfs” with a square head very funny , lovely.

However, unlike earlier, game Call of Mini Squad for gamers to bring any breakthrough gameplay and many new features. TPS is a shooter mixed with RPG elements and gameplay tactics ARPG, join the game, gamers will have the task of recruiting the character is capable of fighting for additions to the squad. For those members, players will step into the battle zombies is sweeping the city devastated and attack innocent people.

Call of Mini Squad game is built on the foundation of 3D graphics, so games for gamers bring beautiful images with high fineness and honesty in every frame.



Set foot in the game, players will see the base of the heroes with designs penchant technology. The main color and highlights in blue interface is said to that. Here, all the heroes that gamers can own and are displayed in a horizontal row. Every time players only on one character, the potential parameters will appear below the touch screen for ease of comparison and to grasp.

The interface of the game Call of duty Mini Squad is designed quite unique as bringing gamers a city map as GPS were taken from satellites. It would appear these locations to gamers step into the game and any confrontation with zombies extremely barbaric bloodthirsty.
Step into the combat in the game interface Call of Mini Squad, can see that the background graphic used bright colors to portray the era low overcast, dark by the annexation of the zombies. However thus, the character or special skills to stand out on the background graphics through contrast in color and brightness.

With a maximum of 5 members of a team, a player can switch between characters to control the operation of one of them. Meanwhile, other soldiers will fight automatically and move the control of gamers.

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Doom upcoming Game Developers make Five nights at Freddy’s 3 concern

fnaf 3 – Recreation Doom appears to have grown to be one of several symbols of the horror style as being a backdrop ownership and incredibly terrifying gameplay that any gamer also needs to shook his head at that time.

Having said that, it absolutely was much too extensive from since the third version released in 2004, Doom just about disappeared that numerous fans in the series aren’t from regret.

Details about the following product or service of id Program activity Doom is introduced to E3 2015 has made the corridor out of the blue lively and bustling up wholly. On the other hand, sport builders also suggested his supporters not to exceed expectations on this item. Based on id Program, the Model of the sport that they are employing the venture will not be a sequel but a title Doom fully new recreation, When the lovers persist with Doom game all through a time period Long absolutely won’t be equipped to accept the variations that developers will provide this time.

At QuakeCon 2015 honest is occurring, id Computer software has produced a brief Demo Gameplay Online video clip to provide players the commonest view about the Reboot They are really embarking on implementation. Many of the invited guests and journalists concerned are appreciated QuakeCon this Edition, from graphics to gameplay is incredibly loaded and diverse that Doom has brought.

As for the sport Doom, some details is id Software package’s Doom reveals takes advantage of IDTECH Motor 6, which is amongst the very well-known Instrument and its most up-to-date, if’ve played Rage debuted in in 2011, unquestionably lots of gamers are going to be satisfied with graphics that bring genuine IDTECH. Recreation Doom was also emphasized that the market will attack on Future-gen system, therefore, the old console like Xbox 360 or Playstation three will have pity go out.


Url : more info

While revealed way back although the information regarding the new activity remains to be very limited and only includes a one paragraph quick teaser at QuakeCon 2014. Leads to of Doom activity advancement procedure so time-consuming Id Computer software’s because companies have to halt assignments midway to start growth from scratch since the template when it doesn’t arrive at the quality they be expecting.

Whilst no particulars about the context of the game is uncovered, but we can easily “guess” that the former intends Doom recreation established in a specific town on this planet. Instead of entirely within the Place station, avid gamers Doom will operate for a certain organized resistance for the goal species wipe out evil with the World – never hurry to debate its attractiveness versus the backdrop Mars aged but of course this is a large adjust and definitely will experience opposition from quite a few longtime lovers.

This does not suggest, but what recreation Doom gives viewers by no means amazed this time. In distinction, the definition screenshots stretch again Categorical acquainted context Hell of Doom recreation series is now reasonable and gruesome than ever owing to State-of-the-art graphics know-how. Opposition to narrow metal corridors are quirky huge areas with molten lava, rugged mountains symbolize the Satan on the planet imagined by its design staff Id Computer software. In between them there is just one thing in prevalent – swarms of monsters swarming awaits shotgun pellets from your gun of Doom gamers.

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Killing Floor 2: Five nights at rival Freddy’s 3 upcoming

Fnaf3 _ But coming from a MOD its debut Unreal Tournament 2005 with decent graphics and gameplay is not bad really stood out much.

But the game Killing Floor is currently is one of the co-op game titles most compelling horror, maybe comparable to many major game titles at the present time for developers to bring about a significant amount.

Until 2009, the real new game Killing Floor was released on Steam spacious, but it has proven its appeal when there are 2.5 million copies sold worldwide, helping an unknown Studios with 10 people to a large gamer community. Developer Tripwire has also realized a considerable potential from the game Killing Floor, they said made the next version of this shooting game a long time and until the present time, when the machine Console system Next-gen really common, this is the time when the game Killing Floor 2 “attack”.

Currently, Tripwire has not announced more information about this game. But according to some sources, the game Killing Floor 2 this time will select the scene in the city of Paris, where the monsters are occupied, still old mission, players will now also have to coordinate with teammates their own against aggressive monsters.

Tripwire is sure to bring a whole new combat system, smooth motion system with more than 3000 movements and excellent graphics. Tripwire will provide the earliest demo for gamers to gamers with the most common view of the title game this time.



Killing Floor is about a scientific organization called Horzine Biotech, held this science of genetics research project aimed at creating an outstanding evolution of man. However, they create terrible monsters, the bloodthirsty zombie spill out of the study area and attacked the major cities of England. Even the director Horzine Biotech also become a monster with superior intelligence. He had intended to dominate the world and turn all humans into monsters with thinking will bring dramatic evolution for the species.

Game Killing Floor 2 was finally released to gamers with many new enhancements. Advanced graphics, a new zombie range with exciting new multiplayer maps and challenges. Tripware also will give players many new weapons to focus on melee weapons, the kind of perk support system unique and completely new blood system.

“Killing Floor is a simple game,” creative director of developer Tripwire Interactive, Bill Munk said. “You have weapons. You see something that looks wrong. And you killed it. You get the money to do it and you buy better weapons. Everything is cleared and repeat. But the interesting thing is the loop is getting smaller, and that creates success for this game. “

Just heard gamers surely never play test also understand something about the gameplay and combat style of this product.

Far from the head premiere, this time the game Killing Floor 2 focuses more on visual, graphic and instincts differ from style, personality, habits to the strength of each type of enemy that gamers face.

Game has not yet announced the official release date, but represents developer has promised to release the following information in the future.

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Slender: The Arrival obsessive player of all Five nights at Freddy’s 3

Fnaf 3-You can not attack or fight Slender Man that can only run, run as far as possible.

Core elements of a thriller located in th game triggers fear for gamers, and this time we will meet again Slender Man character again. This character is a mysterious creature has appeared in the culture and Western mythology for so long. If someday you accidentally encounter an enormous image in black suit, white shirt, red tie, elegant, oversized height, long arms like tentacles of the same faces lacking eyes mouth; then that is the Slender Man.

Not only looks strange, it also possesses the ability to invade the human mind, create the illusion, led them to the deserted woods where it murdered. You can not attack or fight Slender Man character, what you can do is run, run as far as possible, take the fear out of the shoulder; thats what this creature becomes scarier than monsters mediocre lot.

The game’s story revolves around the character Lauren Arrival – the protagonist of the game when Kate visits her friend just lost her mother, Lauren’s car unfortunate encounter fallen trees blocking the path forcing her to walk all the way left. When we arrived, there were no houses, no closed doors locked, indoor full of whimsical drawings. Suddenly a scream sounded creepy, determined to find out what was going on, Lauren go forward into the night, the nightmare begins here. Simple story on the premise just for the spooky feeling that gamers are about to experience.

Next, the game world is no longer confined The Arrival of a more dark woods that extended very much, from the house until the mines wild, sunlit hillside. Every place has different tasks to perform Lauren. The familiar flashlight head is one of the first things you get, as well as food, “weapon” most credible when wandering in gloomy darkness.

The Arrival1


The legend of Slender Man character inherently scary game The Arrival is reinforcing fears that greater. Tall silhouette without face always hovering around you, the screen becomes distorted when Lauren looked at him that you can hardly stand to look at the skills this murderous ghosts. You can quickly find a way to flee the killers suddenly appear. But when the abandoned mines of chapter 3, where extremely narrow aisles, equipment, machines were everywhere, each one echoes of footsteps or whine somewhere was enough to get you frantically running. Furthermore there is the presence of a new enemy: a white shirt monster that later we learned it was Kate – her friend now has the minions of assassins Slender Man.

Improved graphics than the previous version although not to the extent outstanding. If anything, the excellence that is for those effects are integrated properly: a great combination between light and shadow to create atmosphere of gloom, screen blurred the panic, lose sound direction … But new array is the focus of the game, the footsteps, the sound of rustling leaves on the ground feeling was followed but the views of the surrounding islands again found nothing, then Real sleep somewhere again caught assassin lurking in the distance Slender Man standing behind the trunk are just staring at you.

With a $ 10 game The Arrival fully deserved, certainly would make any gamer horror game enthusiasts must also satisfied.

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 launch trailer that gamers of all souls

five nights at freddy’s 3 – Instead issued on the occasion of Halloween as originally planned, the game’s publisher Horror Nights at Freddy’s Five 4 will officially launch right next 08/08 days. This Alf good news for gamers of this game.

With the move from the teaser on its website on part 4 of this series is “The Final Chapter”, developer Scott Cawthon definitely trying gathered all of the things that you have to invest in game pet will release their forthcoming. Because this will be the last to finish the series on “phobia” of the other group of stuffed animals.

After the limited success of her three earlier, the firm Scott Cawthon continue to bring those who are loyal fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s and the fan favorite game genre horror section 4 of this title. Five Nights at Freddy’s Game 4 is the name of the newest parts and are also expected to be the last part of the game. Main so that developers are trying to collect all the things I have to convey a perfect ending “horror” for the experience before the game ended.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is the latest version and finally the horror genre by Scott Cawthon development firm. The first game was released on Steam in the summer of last year and then be uploaded to the machine running Andoird and iOS. Within 6 months, the developers have released two versions of the series followed. And in March this year, Warner Bros. has acquired the rights to the series into a film to serve viewers. This is a huge success for an indie game developers like Scott Cawthon.

CallofDutyBlackOps 3-1


Through the official trailer that Game Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 recently introduced, the viewer can clearly see the context of the game have changed, no longer is in store pizza anymore which took place in a small house with many dark corners and the images will make viewers must have shuddered.

Players will act as a biological clock at night, protect yourself and stay safe from meek robots worth daytime but scary at night. Players will be tracking them directly familiar with his flashlight around the smallest corner in the dark house.

Every midnight, the behavior of the robots become abnormal and this has been recognized as the bartender had a few cases they automatically move from one place to another. Players will gradually realize his purpose in Five Nights At hired Freddy’s is anything but continued to bite perform because the contract signed.

The story in most of the previous and the new owner was to do trying to “survive” until morning. The message that the author wants to convey to the players in the multiplayer “obsessed” over. Expectedly, Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 will officially be released on 08/08 to to mark the milestone launch date version first game instead released right on Halloween as the original intention of the author earlier .
All the latest news about this game will be our next update you in the following article.

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FEAR- good competitor of Five nights at Freddy’s 3

fnaf – F.E.A.R. Online is a FPS horror game developed by Korean game company is expected Inplay Interactive Opening Closed Beta with the English version in the next 26/5 days.

Fans of horror shooter series famous will again experience the feeling of fear of the world game in the game FEAR latest FEAR Online. Developed by Aeria Games, and Warner Brothers Online Game FEAR combines these elements to the success of the series and put it on the mantle of online shooting game (MMOFPS). Online Game FEAR has officially appeared on Steam, and ends beta.

In the game, players will get to choose between three different game modes. With Scenario Mode, four players will join forces and fight in the game screen based on the plot of the game FEAR 2: Project Origin. In the Original Mode, gamers will be back with the other on traditional genres like Team Deathmatch and Demolition (bomb), similar to the shooters such as Counter Strike and Call of Duty. In addition, Soul King mode will be back, allowing gamers to “play” the enemy to attack its ally.

The main content of the game F.E.A.R. Online-based horror game FEAR series so gamers will not strange with some images of monsters and weapons in the game. But the online shooter should publishers have many custom-designed to suit players online. The sound, spooky elements causing fear with players still remain publisher.

Game storyline revolves around a high-tech corporation Armacham service for the purpose of developing the military technology and the nearby residential area, where once very peaceful with schools, hospitals. But the cases of missing children, strange sounds of strange creatures, mercenary units appear more slowly on the street. Until this place becomes a mess of the war between armed groups, monsters and bizarre phenomena. To regain control, the government has sent special forces here. Fairport been a nice place to live, but now there are only the battlefield of three forces, ATC-TF and monsters.



Starting the game, players will be attending a training match characterized horror game, mostly practice the basic skills of a shooter.
Taking the focus was horror game, so days from the login window Aeria Games (AG) had “threatened” players characterized by ghostly images.

Gamers need to kill the NPC to collect their souls. Besides killing the NPC, players can kill other players to derive 50% of their soul. Many souls who collect the most after the end of the match will win.

In addition, gamers will have to coordinate with the EPA Robot. The task of the player at the moment is keep alive his Robot EPA, EPA and destroy enemy robots.

Start the game, players will see the magnificent weapons not inferior any shooter with reasonable prices. Gamers will be able to buy from the usual guns until special M4A1 as laser guns in the shop, in-game cash. In addition, players can also collect secondary materials from mission to empower their weapons.
Online FEAR game has beautiful graphics, gameplay traditional and attractive, novel system with individual skills and horror elements with the phases of fire, dramatic storyline based on the famous game series FEAR, configuration requires not too high.

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent makes players more fearful Five nights at Freddy’s 3

Fnaf 3 – Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a game of survival horror genre since the launch date so far has led to players in the form of the most intrepid heart stood almost as well as frightening extent and horror that game creation out.

Has a long, dark shadow is an attractive topic for everyone, especially with the home made horror game. Therefore, not only the big studios, but also the game makers are fully exploited on this topic with numerous different story, then have one thing in common is to create fear for participants play . Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent is no exception. This game was born bearing huge responsibility that is giving fans the emotions of fear to whom horrible horror titles not previously done.

The story begins with innumerable questions revolving around the protagonist named Daniel. It was the days of mystery and scary. He wakes up in a mysterious castle, Daniel does not remember anything about his past since he was brought here, the only thing that he knew this time it was to find ways to escape from here before being killed himself.

Game Amnesia: The Dark Descent esque true survival horror as the game does not give you any weapon to fight. That means completely passive player before any existing hazards around. The only companion of Daniel during the journey just a flickering oil lamp with the meager amount of salt, gamers mission is to explore every corner of the castle and puzzles to find outlet for his character.
Unlike typical scare entrance, game Amnesia completely let gamers themselves feel danger around. The main light and shadow play a very important role in the game as directly affect the main characters.



Game Amnesia completely let gamers themselves feel danger around. The main light and shadow play a very important role in the game as directly affect the main characters. If standing in the dark could help Daniel get rid of the monsters sight it points his sanity decline, then Sanity will subside bar low and may cause dizziness him causing surface somewhat difficult to control. If lighting up or stand in places where light can help Daniel recovered, the other such that, in turn tell the enemy yet know where your at and at that point you just have to run as if lives depended do not want to spoil the hungry demons. Nowhere is safe, meaning that you have to use kerosene lamps and candles so that the most effective if it is to survive and escape from this mysterious place.

In terms of image, to say that it has done very good frictional Games even if its workforce is not much, and audio arrays also impressed gamers when playing. Surely you will be hair-raising when there is a little noise suddenly rang out suddenly, and just a little was enough nerves always extreme stress and scream.

I must say that so long characterized the new game survival horror game Amnesia as: The Dark Descent. And if you are a loyal follower of the genre, they still hesitate? Let darkness and navigation mind to enjoy this game.

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